Aerial Gunning: A Brutal Policy

Alaska is the only state that allows private hunters to participate in the cruel and barbaric practice of aerial gunning of wolves. Alaskan wolves can be shot from airplanes -- or chased to the point of exhaustion, then shot at close range. Across large areas of Alaska, no wolf is off limits -- not even pregnant females. More than 1,000 wolves have been killed, with plans to target hundreds more in the coming years and open up new areas to aerial control.


 Right now, the state of Alaska is planning to kill more than 200 wolves in the Upper Valley/Tanana region, making passage of the PAW Act more urgent than ever. Please make an emergency contribution to the Campaign to Stop the Alaska Wolf Massacre now... click here


Urge your U.S. Representative and Senators to support the Protect America's Wildlife (PAW) Act to end the slaughter of Alaska wolves and help keep this barbaric practice from spreading to the lower 48 states... click here



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Spring 2010 -- Alaskan officials plan to use a helicopter and other means to kill roughly two-thirds of the 300 wolves that range near the Yukon-Charlie Rivers National Preserve. The state’s powerful Board of Game has expanded aerial wolf killing onto new areas of the state and greenlighted wolf trapping just outside Denali National Park. Donate now to help us stop the killing...